Hello and thank you for visiting my site. I’m Narayan Raum and I’ve been a system administrator of Workfront for nearly six years. My first major project was an implementation for a university hospital in Florida. My current major project is maintaining and expanding a large implementation of Workfront for a bank in Atlanta, Georgia.

Throughout my experiences as system administrator and delivery lead, I’ve learned many techniques via trial and error, help from Workfront, guidance from partners of Workfront, and the fantastic Workfront Community.

It occurred to me that it was time to share my solutions with the community and stop documenting them for just my own use. The WFPRO blog is my solution to sharing solutions. With the help of the community, I feel this blog will serve as a great resource to complement what’s already available.

Get started now with Text Mode, How To Articles or Solutions.

Please contact me and submit your solutions that you feel would benefit other Workfront users looking to solve challenges. The content will continue to expand, as I’ve only transferred a fraction of my solutions. Let’s open our solutions up to the community in a simple and digestible format.

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