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Hello and welcome to WFPro. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Narayan, the creator of and a lead system administrator of Workfront for a financial institution.

Let’s start with a glimpse of WFPro Home where, with #TheWFProWay and some wicked technology, we’ve reached a state of work management bliss never before realized. Step into the WFPro world and let’s bring you to the same level of sophistication in your environment. If you like what you see, I suggest watching WFPro Live #01

WFPro Live – See the agenda for the next session of WFPro Live, which is a live presentation where we discuss topics of interest to Workfront system admins, group admins, planners, workers and reviewers alike. Check out the WFPro YouTube channel if you’ve missed any of the previous episodes. See the WFPro Live Archive – If you’d like to see the agendas for past events, this is your place. Here’s WFPro Live #05!

WFPro Live Text Mode Exercise – For those of you who have witnessed the text mode exercises we covered in WFPro Live, here’s the report with the latest edits applied. For anyone interested in catching up, several WFPro Live sessions contain segments where the code is written to produce the output in the report. So, you’ll have to watch the series to see how it was all created! 

WFPro BrandingFor my marketing / web developers, this is my way of eliminating graphic design tools since Workfront gets the job done with a little help from CSS and HTML because why not?

WFPro Text Mode Library Lite – The new version of what began as the Text Mode Library in WordPress is now moving to a Workfront-powered solution in WARP, or, the Workfront Advanced Research Project. See the original community post from 11/21/18 announcing the site if you want some context. If you’re interested in the latest published text mode examples, this report is a good place to look. Contact Us if you have examples you’d like to add to the library. For my WARP colleagues, the WFPro Text Mode dashboard is your spot for an improved (though needing some volunteers to curate) experience.

WFPro Catalog – Packages reviewed during WFPro Live sessions are published here with more context. For those who are interested in installing WFPro packages, this catalog provides all of the packages and licensing details in a printable “glossy”. 

To get the latest updates and see when videos are posted, subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow WFPro on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn if we know one another!

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