Text Mode in Views Simplified

Believe it or not, Workfront’s native view/report editor writes most of the code for you. The only text mode lines you really need to know for advanced view/report development are as follows:

  • Display
    • displayname=What’s the label in the header of the column.
    • description= When a user hovers over the column header, text that pops up.
    • shortview= When the report is in a multi-column dashboard layout, show the column?
    • sharecol= Used to share two columns in the view. Click for training on on shared columns.
    • usewidths= Tells the view to use widths. Click for training on using widths.
    • width= Sets the width of the column in the view. Click for training using widths.
  • Data
    • value= What’s the value to be rendered?
    • valueformat= What format should we render the value in?
    • valuefield= What field to retrieve data from.
    • valueexpression= Render whatever you wish.
  • Sort
    • querysort=What field to use in the sort.
    • sortType=Ascending or Descending?
    • sortOrder=1,2,3, etc. First, second, third, etc.
  • Links
    • linkedname=
    • link.url=
  • Collections
    • listdelimiter=
    • listmethod=
    • type=

When code is written by the user interface, switch to “text mode” and master configuring each of these attributes. If you ignore the rest of the noise, you’ll be ahead in the game.

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