WFPro Live Deep Dive: Multi-Form Intake Workflows

It turns out configuring requests to accommodate multiple custom forms is not only possible, it’s highly recommended. In recent discussions with marketing executives and group administrators, a multi-form setup quickly became necessary to ensure a quality, sustainable configuration. Their desire to have a “one-size-fits-all” marketing request form with display logic and mandatory fields presented interesting challenges from the perspective of custom form development and configuration. With a single complex custom form becoming unsustainable, we decided to develop a multi-form configuration prototype, which turns out to be a great solution to many of the problems we’ve faced with complex request workflows. As the prototype for this configuration unfolded and more discussion emerged on the topic, a spontaneous WFPro Live Deep Dive on Multi-Form Intake Workflows was recorded. While this discussion was from the perspective of marketing configurations and traffic management, it’s a video that should benefit anyone looking to take advantage of multiple forms who may be intimidated by this sort of configuration. Plus it’s full of all kinds of other tips and suggestions. Here are some of the concepts covered in the video. Enjoy!

  • Getting Things Right Early
  • Configuring for Experience and Reporting
  • Single vs. Multiple Custom Forms on Queue Topics
  • Display Logic
  • Shared Fields Across Forms
  • Mandatory Fields Best Practices
  • Issue to Project Conversion Using Templates
  • More…

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