The Art of Facts

Integrity is hard to describe because words do it a disservice. It’s something we can only know. But in these times of greed and division, it is of the utmost importance that we resolve conflicts the basic human way. Since the majority of us struggle to live an honest life due to trauma we’ve all suffered, it only adds salt to the wounds when we lack integrity in the workplace.

Since Workfront operates consistent with the way we should be processing projects as humans, it can help us get back to our basic operating mode and restore integrity in all work with a simple approach to collaboration.

If an issue is created, it’s purpose is for the requesting person and the assignee to agree to the issue details. All issues should be resolved by another project, task, or issue. Or, they should be closed as invalid. Closing an issue without a resolving task at the end of the chain means the facts about wHo, wHat, wHy, wHen, wHere and How (the 6HS) don’t exist. In Workfront, we’re only interested in practicing the art of facts.

Since we must have a project for tasks, and tasks are named, described, assigned, scheduled and statused, here is where we all have the opportunity to clear miscommunication with one simple action, share the screen. By sharing screens and describing the 6HS, we can begin to feel the comfort of synergy and a restoration of integrity is inevitable. And truist me, it’s a good feeling to know that we can experience tranquility at work with one simple method, truth.

So open a project and create a task for everything you work on from now forward, practice the art of facts and find the way out of the chaos.

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