How To Embed a Request Form in a Dashboard

An intake form can be embedded directly into a dashboard making it simple for the dashboard users to enter requests. The following procedure explains how to embed the form.

Step 1: Navigate to the topic through the “Requests” tab in the main navigation until the “Subject” field is present.

Step 2: Once the topic is selected and the “Subject” field is present, copy the portion of the URL from the browser beginning with &projectID=.


Step 3: Place your Workfront domain and the ID’s from the URL above into the following URL:

The resulting URL should be as follows:,57d80e8b0080074b11d5d1e246a5b226

Step 4: In the “Edit Dashboard” settings, add a new external page. Name the page, enter the URL from above, choose a height (may need adjustment afterwards)


The result of the procedure above should be an embedded request form along side your other reports as seen here: