How to Add a Collection to a View


How To

A collection is a list of objects that are linked to another object. The following procedure explains how collections are added to a view or a report.

  1. View the API Explorer at
  2. Find the object you want to get the list of items relating to (project, task, issue, user etc).
  3. Click on the Collections tab.
  4. Click on the data type you want.
  5. Copy the API Key into the OBJECT text below:
  6. Click on the URL to the collection object and click on the field you want and copy the API Key in the FIELD text below.
  7. Name the column in the COLUMN field below.
  8. Choose and add a LIST_DELIMITER from the choices below. Be sure to remove any spaces in-between the characters when adding to the field.
  9. Add a new column to a view or report and paste the below in text mode. Note that the report needs to be of the same type as the object you chose in step two.

List Delimiters – The list delimiter is used to determine what each line will be prefixed with. The DIV value provides the best results for presenting rows of information in reports, dashboards and exports. Leaving this line empty will add a comma followed by a space between the values of the collection, by default.


div = Line break friendly in view and exports.
br = Line break in view
& z w j ; = Zero-width joiner.
, = comma separator.
/ = slash separator.
= dash separator.
& b u l l ; = bullet separator.