Water & Food Project

The Water & Food Project officially kicked off on Thanksgiving day, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan on Kitchener Street. Over several months, hundreds of hot meals were cooked in multiple kitchens and hand-served to the homeless sheltered at St. John’s Community Center in East Detroit by the Raum family and our friends in the community. An illness in the family forced us to move on, but the project is now back in action in Randleman, North Carolina for the “More We, Less Me” phase of the project. It’s a compensation-less effort, which means we don’t accept monetary donations, nor do we engage in any bartering or conditions. Each community member benefits from the project by giving what they can and receiving what they need. Money is only used by project members to fulfill immediate needs by making purchases and delivering themselves. There will never be a bank account or fund for this project.

Love – Psychological healing begins with truth, presence and love. Unconditional kindness is the foundation of the project.Fear and anxiety plague most of us and are often the source of addictive and self-destructive behaviors. Socializing with those on a healing path in a judgement-free environment is crucial to success. Basic meditation and exercise are essential skills that we share.

Food – Physical healing begins with clean water and a home-cooked meal. The kitchen is now open and available to serve a hot vegetarian meal to anyone in need, anytime.

Shelter – Sleeping without adequate shelter is unacceptable. As a community, we do everything we can to resolve every shelter issue.

Supplies – Clothing and toiletries for comfort and cleanliness are essential in life. What we need is very basic and often far different than what we want.

Support – We help each other with anything whenever we can. From mowing grass to giving a ride, we can all use a little help sometimes from our friends without feeling like we have to compensate.

Sustainability – Gardening & farming projects in the community reward us with knowledge and experience in producing our own vegetables and dairy products.