Workfront Center of Excellence (WFCOE)

The WFPro Workfront Center of Excellence is a WFPro Community project created to ensure that we have a framework available for operating our instances with sophisticated technology and methods.

The Mission

You are the center of your universe and everything you do has a ripple effect on everyone around. If you have a Workfront instance, then you have the special opportunity to create waves of positive energy through effective conflict resolution and communication. With some technology and a method to responding to needs, you have the power to be the center of excellence in your circles.

The Technology

The Workfront Center of Excellence (WFCOE) is a set of tools that simplifies the process of administering solutions in the instance, regardless of the nature of the work being done. Click here to install the free package from AtAppStore as a system administrator to begin. Once installed, locate the dashboard named “WFCOE Setup” and complete the punch list tasks in the first report of the dashboard.

WFPro Community Members – Navigate the WFCOE tools (Home, Work, Access, Users, Configuration, Solutions) at after logging into the instance. Opening each tab produces a uniquely labeled favicon, allowing each to be pinned in the browser tabs for the optimal WFCOE experience.

The Methods

With the WFCOE technology in place, you’ll be ready to quickly configure each new group you wish to help. A new solution project with a story describing the goal and sub-tasks for action is how you begin. Artifacts, also known as an inventory of the things you create, are recorded in the manifest. Finally, changes to the solution are tracked within the project.

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