The WFPro Site is now live. Fully-powered by Workfront, it demonstrates how Workfront can serve as a content management system.

When you purchase Workfront for the first time, the default tools and functionality the platform provides will get the job done. However, even the most experienced administrators will struggle to identify, develop and deliver solutions to the many challenges their users will face, often after many years of avoidable mistakes and common pitfalls. WFPro solves for these challenges one package at a time.

WFPro packages rely solely on native Workfront Classic functionality, so they’re guaranteed to function in Workfront today. Since they were developed with the purpose of being used to solve problems, they’ve already proven themselves worthy and are guaranteed to function in any instance of Workfront. Additionally, packages are fully configurable after installation, which gives instances full control over the user experience post-installation. With over 7 years of Workfront system administrator experience and lessons learned poured into the packages, WFPro solutions immediately accelerate implementation, support and adoption of the instance.

WFPro Unlimited

WFPro can be licensed annually with an optional renewal for a modest annual fee. The WFPro Unlimited license is priced at 15% off the current total cost of all WFPro packages in the library (see the catalog). The annual renewal is 20% of the annual fee and “grandfathers” you into the library when paid prior to the anniversary date. Note, licensing is priced per subdomain. Accelerate your Workfront instance with WFPro Unlimited to get:

  • Unlimited access to the WFPro Unlimited Package Library
  • Access to future newly developed packages in the library at no extra charge
  • Access to new versions, enhancements & upgrades to all WFPro packages

WFPro Packages

WFPro Packages can also be purchased and installed individually.