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Having the right tools to efficiently administer Workfront is critical to the success of any instance. WFPro Home is a system used to complement Workfront administrative capability by facilitating in-app purchases and installations of ©AtAppStore packages. With WFPro Home, you’ll have a variety of system administrator solutions at your fingertips, bringing your Workfront instance to a whole new level.

WFPro Home was developed to serve as the framework for administering your WFPro packages. We’ve also published our own initial set of packages, will continue to publish additional packages, and hope to see other community-developed packages added to the library in the future.

What You Get

  • Home – A dashboard containing the currently available packages, shortcuts to installed packages, installation punch list, release notes and more.
  • Framework – Various objects in preparation for future package installations.
  • Bonus Features – With the installation of this package, we thought it would be nice if you had some bonus features. Here’s what you get at the moment:
    • Request Type Portfolio w/ Sample Request Types – By organizing your request type projects in portfolio/program structure, you’re going to have achieve greater control in access and reporting.
    • Request Queue Portfolio w/ Sample Queues – Similarly, by organizing your request queue projects in portfolio/program structure, you’re going to have achieve greater control in access and reporting.
    • Admin Lessons Learned – A template to deploy with goodies from experienced administrators who have learned lessons, sometimes the hard way.
    • And More – We’ll always be adding more to the package. You never know what will be included, or when you’ll need it. But the chances are, you’ll appreciate it sooner or later.


Installation, including creating accounts and connections, should take less than 5 minutes. Punch list items may take 10 minutes or longer, depending on your skill level. Once you have WFPro Home installed, you are ready to install subsequent WFPHome Packages based on your needs.

  1. Login to your AtAppStore Account and establish a “Connection” to your instance of Workfront using system administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to the WFPro Home Package in the AtAppStore
  3. Parameters – Login to your target instance of Workfront and click “Test Parameters”. Once complete, click “Good! Let’s Run It”.
  4. Search for the dashboard called “WFPro Home” in your instance and open it.
  5. Complete and close all  “Punch List” tasks pending on your installed packages.