Custom Form Calculated Fields

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Status Timestamp

Capture a timestamp of when a status is selected. Please note that if this status is changed to another status and then back to this status, the original timestamp will remain intact. In this case, the status code is PRR for “Pending Review”, a custom status.



Executive Update

Prefix an update with an exclamation point “! This is my executive update…” to store it in a custom field on the object (project, task, issue, etc.) for use in “Executive” status reporting. All other updates will be ignored.

IF(LEFT(Last Note.Note Text,2)="! ",CONCAT(SUBSTR(Last Note.Note Text,1,LEN(Last Note.Note Text))," --- ",Last Note.Owner.Name," on ",Last Note.Entry Date),Executive Update)

Pseudo Code: If the last note contains !, show me the last note without the first character but with all subsequent characters, followed by the owner of the note and when it was entered. Otherwise, keep the last official status value intact.

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